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 A's    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 R H E

STHG  0 3 0 1 0 1 2 3 10 15 3

TRLG  4 2 2 0 0 0 3 X 11 16 3

The Traralgon Redsox and South Gippsland Miners lit up the scoreboard on Sunday as they combined for 21 runs. In the end, Traralgon Redsox (A) won the offensive battle 11-10 in eight innings.

The teams totaled 31 hits, including five extra base hits in the game.

The Traralgon Redsox got their bats going early, scoring four runs in the first inning to pull ahead of South Gippsland Miners .

The Traralgon Redsox would not relinquish the lead as South Gippsland Miners was unable to weather a five-run third inning deficit.

South Gippsland Miners scored on a wild pitch in the fourth inning, a groundout by Colin Knox in the sixth inning, a groundout by Michael Adamsand an RBI single by Andrew Katz in the seventh inning, and an RBI single by Michael Adams and a two-run double by Stewart Mathieson in the eighth inning. Despite its efforts, South Gippsland Miners couldn't get over the hump.



Tom Rynberk racked up four RBIs on three hits for the Traralgon Redsox . He doubled in the first and second innings and singled in the seventh inning.


After pushing across three runs in the top of the second, South Gippsland Miners faced just a 4-3 deficit. A two-run single by Mitchell Bowen and an RBI single by Mathieson set off South Gippsland Miners rally. Tim Katzstruck out to end the South Gippsland Miners (A) threat.

The Traralgon Redsox matched their two-run second inning with two more in the third. In the second, the Traralgon Redsox scored on an RBI double byJordan Gilmore, bringing home Caleb Poole.

Matt Robertson's double got things going, plating Joshua Galea.

The Traralgon Redsox survived South Gippsland Miners 's surge and put up three runs of their own in the seventh. The Traralgon Redsox scored on a two-run single by Jay Ziersch and an RBI single by Rynberk.

 B's   1  2  3  4  R  H  E

STHG 0  0  0  0  0  4  8

TRLG 10 13 2 10 35 27  0

A superb effort by Owen Godenzi spurred the Traralgon Redsox to a 35-0 win in four innings over South Gippsland Miners on Sunday at K.L.P.

Godenzi racked up eight RBIs on five hits for the Traralgon Redsox . He doubled in the second inning and singled in the first, second, third, and fourth innings.

Twenty-five runs in the opening three innings allowed the Traralgon Redsox to easily put away South Gippsland Miners . A single by Judd Neilson, a two-run double by Davis Long, an RBI single by Josh Graham, an RBI single by Duncan McAllister, a walk by Brad Pratt, a groundout by Nielson, a two-run single by Godenzi, and an RBI single by Josh Graham in the first inning and a bases loaded walk, an RBI single by Godenzi, a two-run single by Jason Beames, an RBI double by Josh Graham, a two-run single by Damien Goodman, an RBI single by McAlister, an error, an RBI single by Brad Pratt, a two-run double by Godenzi, and an RBI single by Josh Graham during the second inning fueled the Traralgon Redsox 's offense early.


The Traralgon Redsox 's Josh Graham kept South Gippsland Miners off the scoreboard for all four innings he was on the hill. He pitched a shutout, allowing no opposing players to cross the plate on four hits while ringing up six.


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