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John Kus - Head Coach of the club once again.

One of the most experienced baseballers in the Latrobe Valley has been elected once again to lead the Redsox in 2014. Assistant Coach Brad Adams has taken the role via request from Kus as the club looks to keep the future bright. B Grade coach will be Brett Sharp with a Robert Downie accepting the role of C Grade coach. The Juniors will be coached as follows. Under 16s - John Kus, Under 13's Brad Adams and the Tee ballers will be coached by Brian Dillion and Travis Kirby.

John Kus

Club Coach - A Grade Coach

John Kus is one of the most experianced players in the Latrobe Valley. His wealth of knowledge of the game is second to none within the LVBA. Playing since the age of 11 and coaching since he was 17. Kus has won a number of A Grade Premierships as coach and is always striving to get the best out of each player within the club.




Phone - 0401334890

Brett Sharp

B Grade Coach

Brett 'Sharpie' Sharp, was one of the quickest around the diamond but found KFC. Sharpie, has played for the Redsox for many years and continues to lead the way in the OF and with the bat when he takes the field. A leader with solid baseball knowledge Sharpie will hope to secure a finals berth and look to hold the major prize at the end of 2014.


Phone - 0412919164

Robert Downie

C Grade Coach

Robert 'Bobby' Downie, one of the most dedicated clubman that you would ever come across. Bobby has played quite a few years of baseball for the Redsox and what he brings to the table is honest baseball. He gathers a great group of blokes each week and enjoys his time on the diamond. This year he has big shoes to fill - Back to back boys!!! Here we come.


Phone - 0402052582

John Kus

Under 16's Coach

John has taken the role of Under 16's Coach and also Club Coach. I couldn't think of better hands for our U/16's.


Details as above.





Travis Kirby

Under 13's Coach

After assisting Brian with the Teeball in season 2014, Travis has stepped up to take charge of the U13 baseball team.  Let's give him all the support he needs.


Phone - 0408922228

Brian Dillon

Tee Ball Coach

Brian has been involved with the Redsox for a short time but in that time the basics of baseball have come quite easliy. Coaching the youngest of the Redsox children is always the toughest job but Brian has taken to it with ease. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves and thats what it is all about.


Phone - 0410191599

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Brad Adams

Club Assistant Coach

Brad Adams, one of the best pitchers that the Traralgon Redsox have produced. Starting with the Redsox as a junior, Brads skill level has stepped up over the past years and he has become a solid thrower and hitter. His knowledge of the game is exceptional and Kus has seen the potential for Adams to become the next leader of the club and has appointed him his Assistant for the 2014 season.


Phone - 0499871991


B Grade Assistant Coach


In progress








C Grade Assistant Coach


In progress








Will Brooker

Under 16's Assistant Coach

Only a kid himself, Will has stepped up to take on the role Assisting Kussy this season. Will has played the game since tee ball and knows his way around the diamond. He will offer a great soundboard for Kussy as these kids develop.



Under 13's Assistatant Coach

Currently vacant









Tee Ball Assistant Coach

Currently vacant



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Val Hornstra

Scorer / Manager

Val Hornstra, a life member that puts in more hours at the club than most. A great assett to the Redsox family Val continues to score and keep stats each week (even though we make her use GameChanger). Thanks Val








B Grade

Scorer / Manager

In Progress








C Grade

Scorer / Manager

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Teresa Neilson

U/16's Manager

Phone - 0417760082




Colin Uhe

U/13's Manager

Phone - 0439334478




Brendan Carney

Tee Ball Manager

Phone - 0400616496





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