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The Traralgon Redsox is happy to announce the re signing of John Kus as the senior club coach 2023. Kus is super keen for some silverware as it’s been a few years since the clubs enjoyed some success. The recruitment for this season has been extensive with some bolstering in the senior ranks. Some good signs of kids who played some senior games last season showing growth and maturity is comforting. Luke Hornstra continues as the club A grade assistant coach and after a successful season in 2022 winning league and club B&F Luke’s keen to see the teams take the next step after falling in grand finals last year. Luke has also invested his experience into the club taking the under 13 coaches role.

Other senior coaches appointed in 2023 were also keen to continue to strive to play in a grand final and hopefully bring some much needed success back to Traralgon in 2023. Wayne Beaton is our new B grade coach who comes with premiership experience having been club coach in 2000, and been a great role model for many over the years. Wayne had a break from sport for some time but has returned in recent years excited to be part of the Redsox again. Ken Neilson continues as the C grade coach eager to continue developing young and new players to the game. Ken also super keen to get some silverware but more importantly loves providing a environment for many players to enjoy the game. His ability to share game time amongst many is the best in the business.

The club has also appointed some new assistants to assist teams in 2023. Kus has a plan to work on development of future coaches appointing Will Brooker and Austin McConville to learn the arts of coaching by assisting in many areas. Over the journey of the season these 2 will be testing and taught many things with the hope the enjoy what’s it takes to be a coach of some capacity into the clubs future. The appointment of assistants in C Grade also Dennis Caulfield and Josh Neilson will add valuable support to Ken with such a large variable group of players. These 2 were Ken’s coaches awards of 2022 and felt their input was very valuable to appoint as assistant coaches. Hopefully they can turn into a head coach of a grade in years to come.

The appointed coaches have a wealth of experience and a great connection to all the playing group and early signs are the group has bought in to the coaches visions for 2023.

With the development of clubs youth for the future, and with Kussy coaching the under 16 players the club feels there’s a bright future. Some of the current youth have been coached by kus over many years in preparation to take senior player roles over the next few years.

Understanding to do this not all games will be won but all coaches feel this is the right thing to do for the future of Traralgon Baseball.

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Team Records

A Grade                0W - 0L - 0D
B Grade                0W - 0L - 0D
C Grade                0W - 0L - 0D
U/16's Colts         0W - 0L - 0D
U/13's                    0W - 0L - 0D

League Standings

A Grade                2nd 
B Grade                2nd
  C Grade                1st   
U/16's Colts          2nd 
U/13's                    2nd

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